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Learn why disease eradication is one of the Carter Center's key initatives. Explore how The Carter Center is ending neglected diseases worldwide. Elimination & Prevention. Alleviating Suffering. Jimmy Carter's Charity. Neglected Diseases.

Every donation to this fund will help stop the virus spread & support vulnerable families. Select from 200+ GiveAssured NGOs. Donate with confidence and make a lasting impact. Regular Impact Updates. Trusted and verified. 200+ GiveAssured Programs. Easy online donation. Instant 80G Tax Exemption.

Make a tax-deductible gift to support frontline healthcare workers in Bangladesh. 100% Tax-Deductible. US-based NGO. 501(c)3 nonprofit. Over 200 Charities. 2,500 NGOs supported. Local staff expertise. 17000 Donors Contributed. 50 Projects In One Year. 2500 Organizations Funded. 501(c)3 nonprofit. $350 million granted. 25 Countries & Regions.