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The top three titles at the Japanese box office in 2021 were all anime hits; and Jujutsu Kaisen 0, a dark fantasy anime based on a manga series of the same...
22 hours ago
Netflix, however, has been at the forefront of delivering top-notch anime content with how they've produced a good deal of original anime tv series as well...
2 days ago
After kicking off the week with the premiere of the new anime Vampire in the Garden on Monday, Netflix is keeping that momentum going through Friday.
8 hours ago
MuchMuch of the narrative of Netflix's original anime movie Bubble revolves around a group of radical young people who take part in “Tokyo Battlekour,” a...
3 weeks ago
Not much we can glean from these, but if nothing else, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners should be gorgeous. Studio Trigger is kind of known for releasing some of the best...
1 day ago
10 Best TV Anime On Netflix, Ranked By MyAnimeList 10 Attack On Titan Season 1 (8.53) 9 The Promised Neverland (8.55) 8 Demon Slayer Season 1 (8.55) 7 Fate/...
4 weeks ago
DESCRIPTION: This Netflix Original action-adventure anime series out of Japan follows a human girl and a vampire queen, mortal enemies who must unite to...
2 weeks ago
None of those movies lived up to the original animes and were generally slammed by their respective fandoms. In terms of quality, Netflix's best live-action...
1 week ago
Despite this growth, plenty of quality anime series have either been ... point of criminal drama and anime for an established service like Netflix or Hulu.
4 days ago
Vampire in the Garden is a completely new anime, with its first season coming out on May 16th, 2022. As the series will release on Netflix, watching Vampire...
2 weeks ago