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After being shot outside a club on her twenty-first birthday, Pandora Todd, aka Dora, finds herself in the bed of a handsome stranger with a pair of snake-like fangs. levitra from
Two decades have passed since publication of the first edition of Experimental and Clinical Neurotoxicology pioneered the development of this discipline. levitra from
This work clarifies the nature of chemical sensitivity, shows how it differs from traditional allergies and toxicity, and suggests how federal and state governments can help those who are affected. levitra from
This helpful guide to chemical-injury litigation offers practical strategies that clients and their attorneys can use to better serve their cases. levitra from
This volume brings togther medical information on the implications for human health of the global environmental crisis. It provides information for health professionals, policymakers, concerned citizens and environmental activists. levitra from
Written for psychiatrists and other clinicians, this book focus on the positve/negative effects of the non-social envi. factors that effect us on a regular basis, and stresses the importance of environmental psychiatry as a new field of ... levitra from
Will the additives in this salad dressing harm you? Which shampoo won't sting your eyes? The Safe Shopper's Bible rates thousands of household products, personal care products, foods, and beverages.