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By [9] we deduce that S^(f) = C. We will characterize the vector-valued exponentials ae^*, AeC-A, contained in Vf. Let AoeC-A and let {^)n}e L^R) be such that {h * <£n} converges in w* to e'x"x. Let t//eLi(IR) where »A * g = 0 and 1^( A0) + 0. from
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Read tag before use: A consommer aoec humour et sans modération (“To be consumed with humor and without moderation”). Taverne Henri IV, 13, place du Pont Neuf, tel. 011-33-4354-2 7-90. Métro: Pont Neuf. Morris Dye Life's a Beach on ... from
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But from my viewpoint of seventy- four years, I can think of no agency of government which has done more good and less harm than the AOEC, or has obtained greater benefits for the money it has had to work with. I have bitter memory of the ...