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14 hours ago But only been in the same room as a guy who got canceled everywhere. ... in Valorant worth $20M. Maybe Riot wanted to bury their past of workplace sexism.
11 hours ago Man she gotta stop touring if I'm being real, do random festivals or somethin ... some of y'all “fans” are weird asl, have some decency and not be a weirdo,...
9 hours ago Then Adriana and her friend (non streamer so a regular person) claim Maya gaslight and said Maya said ... Dont think she deserves to be cancelled for that.
24 hours ago This guy has attempted to get multiple streamers cancelled/deplatformed for his own ... SHE WAS ASSAULTED and y'all don't even care, typical Mizkif viewer.
17 hours ago Katrina has had a handful of memorable films. I couldn't even name the last movie I saw of hers. She only plays small roles in male led films.
4 hours ago Edit: I think people are so caught up on wanting to cancel someone and other ... where some of y'all are defending a guy that sexually assaulted a girl.
8 hours ago Then again Aegon III was Aegon II's last male heir. ... RelentlessFlowOfTime Shame that the show got cancelled after season 4 • in 19 hr.
21 hours ago Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II is a first-person shooter video game… ... IW be thinkin' "we gave you a map with no red so y'all don't need dead silence".
6 hours ago Another series that was recently adapted into live-action television by Hulu (only to be cancelled too soon), Y: The Last Man is about Yorick Brown,...
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