Having read Wired faithfully since 1994 and having experienced both UK editions (the first one ran briefly in the mid-90s) I've always preferred the US ...
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Wired UK is a bimonthly magazine that reports on the effects of science and technology. It covers a broad range of topics including design, architecture, ...
Editor: Greg Williams, James Temperton (
First issue: May 2009; 13 years ago (present form)
Publisher: Nick Sargent
Company: Condé Nast Britain
WIRED magazine reports from the future as it happens. WIRED is the magazine that tells you what's next - ideas, technology, culture, business and more.
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For all queries about your magazine subscription, please email or call 1-800-769-4733. Who do I contact concerning WIRED magazine and ...
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Mar 22, 2009 ˇ But the new UK edition of technology magazine Wired will hit the shelves ... from the New Yorker or Vanity Fair as from Wired's US edition.