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11 hours agoBatman: The Three Jokers could serve as the inspiration for Joker 2, a sequel that has a heavy chance of going forward.
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Are there 2 jokers in Batman?
Joker's Ultimate Plan The remaining two Jokers, The Golden Age-inspired "The Criminal" and "The Comedian" of Batman: The Killing Joke fame, are ready to carry out their final plan.
Does Joker have anything to do with Batman?
Joker” exists in its own standalone universe, and it definitely won't be connected to director Matt Reeves's upcoming “The Batman,” starring Robert Pattinson.
9 hours agoEverything We Know About Robert Pattinson And 'The Batman', From Release Date to Cast to Plot Details. Will there be a 'Joker' crossover? By Esquire Editors.
6 hours ago'The Batman': Robert Pattinson Debuts as the Goth Dark Knight in First Trailer ( Video ...Duration: 2:24
Posted: 6 hours ago
7 hours agoTitans Season 3 First Trailer Immediately References The Joker's Arrival For A Death ... It's doubtful that Titans will stick to all the details from that comic arc, such as The ... news 1d Jensen Ackles' Batman Faces Off With David Dastmalchian's†...
16 hours agoMatt Reeves' The Batman will reportedly set up the arrival of Mr. Freeze in one of the Robert Pattinson-starring sequels.
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4 hours agoIt's not hard to imagine the Titans version of Jason Todd having a similar breaking point with Batman, and going to hunt Joker all on his own. It will be a little bit†...
6 hours agoIn addition to classic Joker stories like The Killing Joke, Nolan and star Heath ... For others, the ...Duration: 2:26
Posted: 6 hours ago
3 hours agoAfter being the second Robin for two seasons, Jason Todd will be ditching his ... Joker won't be the only Batman villain to pop up in Titans season 3; Professor†...
22 hours agoAss Kicks You: Dee Dee does this to Dana when they are dancing with Terry to get her out of the way so they can gang up on him. The Atoner: Harley Quinn is†...
9 hours agoThe Joker and Batman have a particularly special bond but I believe that in this film in particular Batman would have been devoting more of his time to Catwoman.