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Mar 9, 2021and DC will unleash their latest cinematic reinvention of Batman, the caped protector of Gotham City. Robert Pattinson, once best known for Twilight but now an†...

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Will Joker be in the Batman movie?
Exclusive: New Joker to be Introduced in Matt Reeves' The Batman Trilogy. ... Alongside the reveals from Matt Reeves himself, it's clear that the 2021 film will be unlike anything explored before, opening the door to uncharted territory.
Who will play Joker in the Batman 2021?
Joaquin Phoenix's Joker will now be played by Jim Carrey in the next two sequels of the Warner Bros production? Read on to know more about this in details.
Jun 8, 2020Reeves is planning for the Joker to appear in the second and third movies as one of the films' multiple villains. This new Joker will be referenced in 2021's The†...
Jun 9, 2020'The Batman' will feature a number of famous Gotham villains, but a new leak suggests the Joker might be introduced later on. Here's what that might mean.
Sep 21, 2020He will not be the one who will become Batman's archenemy. The sequel will show different versions of the characters spanning different generations as the Joker†...
Aug 24, 2020Ben Affleck, who we now know will be playing Batman at least one more time (if only briefly), is 14 years older than Pattison. Ah but he was definitely playing older.
Video for Will Joker be in the Batman?
Jun 9, 2020New Joker and Joaquin Phoenix Joker Movie Timeline Explained. DC Black Label Movies vs ...Duration: 9:58
Posted: Jun 9, 2020
Video for Will Joker be in the Batman?
Jun 8, 2020The Batman 2021 New Joker Revealed for the new batman movie starring Robert Pattinson ...Duration: 10:54
Posted: Jun 8, 2020
Jun 10, 2020Following rumors of Joker appearing in The Batman sequel, fans have offered up some interesting casting ideas.
Jun 17, 2020The Clown Prince of Crime isn't set to appear in The Batman at all. Still, it feels inevitable that ...Duration: 13:17
Posted: Jun 17, 2020