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Sep 11, 2021Matt Reeves' Batman series is promising to be dark and gritty. Here are some actors that would be great Jokers in these new films.
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Does the Joker ever become Batman?
Joker becomes Batman in the story “The War Within,” by Peter J. Tomasi and Simone Bianchi. In the story, Batman and Joker battle as they normally do. ... And then Joker takes up the cape and cowl to become Batman.
Will Robin be in the Batman?
His decision to showcase another young and brutal Batman in a dark and gritty Gotham City is why Robin can't be introduced in The Batman. ... Snyder's use of Robin worked because his world felt as if a comic book came to life, something Nolan's films lacked and something Matt Reeves' upcoming film may also lack.
4 days agoFor those who wondered whether the success of Joker could inspire The Batman to go even grimmer and darker than the much-maligned Batman v Superman: Dawn of†...
Aug 25, 2021With Matt Reeve's The Batman closer than ever, and a promising teaser trailer, ... While the matter does not rest on Joker, and many ideas regarding†...
Sep 4, 2021Retelling Batman's first clash with The Joker in a more modern style, the story is a detective story, fitting perfectly with what the new film is going for.
Sep 4, 2021The Batman sequels will reportedly follow the template of the original by having ... that everyone from Two-Face to the Joker will be teased in The Batman,†...
Aug 31, 2021Warner Bros has conrfirmed when The Batman's new trailer will debut as it announces details of DC ... DC Comics Batman The Dark Knight The Joker Pop!
it will be a standalone movie that probably will have nothing to do with rest of the DC universe or even Batman. It's a completely new and different take on†...
First, the main man: Robert Pattinson will be playing Batman/Bruce Wayne. ... so don't expect crossovers with Joaquin Phoenix's Joker or any of the mainline†...Posted: 6 days ago
2 days agoIn the photo, Reeves (wearing Joker-like gloves) apologizes for the messy desk and says ... The Batman will be released exclusively in theaters on March 4,†...
11 hours agoWill there be a 'Joker' crossover? ... Having been taken on by the likes of Christian Bale and Michael Keaton, there are few superhero characters as iconic as†...