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Jun 7, 2022 · Parents need to know that this hidden-camera show is all about deception. Producers set up elaborate scenarios involving monsters, psychic ...
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there is nudity, occult based themes, drug and alcohol use, blood and often violent themes. The only positive message this show gives is that you should not ...
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Why is see rated TV MA?
Violence continues to be the most evident content in this show. The intensity of the violence increased and I would compare it to what you see in a John Wick movie. More gore and bloody deaths. Profanity also increased.
Why is see rated 16+?
Is Mad appropriate for kids?
MAD is a very good show. but its not for little kids. because its rated TVPG. it has some sexual innuendo one skit called Grey's in anime had a girls skirt lift up into the air.
What is the point of Scare Tactics?
What are scare tactics? Emphasizing the worst dangers of drug use in order to create fear and anxiety, in hopes that fear alone will prevent or stop risky behaviors. “Programs that rely on scare tactics to prevent problems are not only ineffective, but may have damaging effects.”
Parents Guide · Sex & Nudity (4) · Violence & Gore (1) · Profanity (1) · Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking (1) · Frightening & Intense Scenes (1) · Certification.
Moderate; There is at least one woman who shows fully exposed breasts. Episode called Touched By An ET, a real woman's breast is shown.
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Season 5. Scare Tactics. Critics Consensus. No consensus yet. Not enough ratings to calculate a score.
Chilling practical jokes are too mean-spirited. Information. Studio: Syfy; Genre: Reality; Released: 2003; Rated: TV-14. © 2003 ...
Here is what parents to know – Scare Tactics parental rating is TV-MA. A TV-MA content rating means that material is unsuitable for children under 17.
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Rating. JustWatch Rating 73%. IMDB 6.7 (2k) ; Genres. Comedy , Horror , Reality TV , Science-Fiction , Mystery & Thriller ; Runtime. 22min ; Age rating. TV-MA ...
Certificate: TV-MA For Mature Audiences. May not be suitable for ages 17 and under. Year: 2011. Duration: 2 Seasons. Seasons: Season 5 (13 Ep) ...
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2019TV-14. Scare Tactics season two continues the tradition of getting people to "believe the unbelievable." Unsuspecting victims find themselves in ...