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2 days ago Wtf is with the Sub-Zero and Frost one breh, she is more like a hateful daughter to him. Upvote 25
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5 days ago Yo hate to breat it to ya...but that's 100%, totally, unambiguously copyright infringement and grounds for a lawsuit. Upvote 1
3 days ago Frost keeps getting major hate for her looks all the time, but the moment she smiles at you, ... When Sub-Zero spoils you the most in the Clan.
4 days ago Just checked, and that's only half of it! Here's the full thing: Sub Zero is a fictional character that is extremely braindead especially in Mortal Kombat 11.
10 hours ago True sub is in charcter tower 4 Lin Kuei is in the shrine for 100k. I have them both . I just need one more skin from the krypt for her.
11 hours ago How do you get the ice magic sub zero skin in mk11 ... THE REAL REASON why PPL hate MKX. Media preview ... What's up with Frost players?. Media preview.
6 days ago Online Subzero is the most bullshit thing in this game imo. ... He's really good, but I really hate his third variation and the slide.
4 days ago Can someone tell me how to do Sub-Zero's slide attack and possibly special moves? (Sega Genesis, MK1). I've scoured the internet for any insight on this but I...
18 hours ago 71 votes, 18 comments. 271K subscribers in the MortalKombat community. /r/MortalKombat is the developer supported, kommunity-run subreddit for the…
3 days ago Yea it's interesting why they didn't use young Hanzo as a base. Did they use young Sub Zero? Upvote 14