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Why did impractical jokers get Cancelled?sa=X from
tawlUng qbou'Cdiffreiii stibjecks sutcli as wich one ha^l UIP biggest toot and wat they, was gniiin to bo wen, they grew ui,i, ^ud,'the> atarlc^l to taw^ about how si'at ? thci iniklca was, Sid Hunt saj;ias;,.'My u" Kle's' got a. farm iu, 'tUo'eou'utfy. r~ its so btp Us pnormiss, anil itV id? got 20 co^ya auu -l1 3Ci pigs ana ... slqrlqd, to say, \V so o,u,, yourp crazy., dp you (x- net Us tp bclpevp ' that, nobody? aoi iat uicuy, yoiu'9 jpst sAyhis {hii. ... Practical Jokers, wo liavc^ fqmicl- ro -f n ry Impractical.