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The game was lacking endgame content at launch, and the developers moved too slowly to fix game-breaking bugs and class balance problems." Zarbix lays the ultimate blame for Age of Reckoning's failure on its attempt to be a WoW killer.
Jul 29, 2019
Jan 2, 2017 · EA wanted to separate players so the players wouldn't be griefed to the point they'd unsubscribe. Shortly after large groups of people started ...
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Why was Warhammer Online shutdown?
On 18 December 2013, Warhammer Online was shut down, due to the license agreement with Games Workshop coming to an end. Mythic was working on a free-to-play version of the game, as well as another game titled Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes.
How long did Warhammer Online last?
Unfortunately, WAR never managed to live up to these lofty expectations and eventually closed three years ago in December 2013. In a new video, a fan examines the history of the game and why and how it failed to live up to its potential.
Jan 2, 2017
Will there be another Warhammer Online?
A new Warhammer MMO game is on the way and will be coming to “PC, consoles and mobile platforms”. The untitled project will be published by Nexon and is described as a “Virtual World” PvE online game with a social multiplayer element.
Why do most mmorpg fail?
The biggest issue with the MMORPG was its balancing as there were just too many questionable decisions in both its PvE and PvP balancing. Some of the classes felt underpowered while others were completely broken.
They also fail because people have already played WoW, and don't want to pay to play it again with a different name and fewer players. ziggscruz • 13 years ago.
Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning · System: PC · Genre: MMORPG · Developer: Mythic Entertainment · Publisher: EA Games · Online players: MMO · Age limit: From 16 ...
Jul 31, 2009 · The problem back at the start was class balance but more importantantly - faction balance. Order was completely outnumbered over the vast ...
Nov 26, 2009 · What caused Warhammer to fail, plain and simple, is that the game is bad. The game just wasn't very good at launch, and I haven't played in ...
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Too many initial servers. Clunky game engine. Bad class / faction balance. Curring the later could have overshadowed the former. They didn't. ... Poor attempts at ...
Why did Warhammer Online fail? The game was lacking endgame content at launch, and the developers moved too slowly to fix game-breaking bugs and class ...