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1 day ago 704 votes, 78 comments. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. For context we're located in the US. A well known petroleum company is …
11 hours ago That boi just wanted some love and he finally getting it, he doesn't know how to react to it! Sad…. 3.8k. Reply. See replies u/Chainsaw_Viking avatar...
3 days ago 118 votes, 61 comments. 148k members in the GabbyPetito community. Gabby Petito, 22, was found deceased in Wyoming on September 19th 2021. She was …
17 hours ago 125 votes, 33 comments. 434k members in the amcstock community. The Official AMC Stock Subreddit.
1 day ago Best ROI in terms of warfare russia has ever seen in its entire history. They collapsed their country and economy trying to take on america militarily.
2 days ago No download link yet. I'll maybe release it after the mob vote if it loses. Mostly made this for practice since coding add-ons is my job!
3 days ago 874 votes, 127 comments. Hello everyone, my name is Alan. You guys might have known me as AlanSW and I am a Vietnamese Summoners War streamer. Today …
18 hours ago Please note: If this post declares something as a fact proof is required. The title must be descriptive; No text is allowed on images; Common/recent reposts...
37 months ago How often should content makers be allowed to share their videos/advertise? View Poll. 113 votes. 42. Never. 15. Once a month. 25. Once a week.
1 week ago A group of anti-vaxx Christians decided to use a Physics experiment to promote misinformation and scare tactics for persons not to get the covid vaccine.