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Some elements are also taken from the original Batman '89 pitch. In the original drafts and sketches, Robin was given the alias "Richard Drake", an amalgamation of both Dick Grayson and Tim Drake. Eventually, Hamm settled on the name "Drake Winston".
Sep 14, 2021
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What is Batman and Robin's name?
Dick Grayson
DC Comics
First appearance
As Robin: Detective Comics #38 (April 1940) As Nightwing: Tales of the Teen Titans #44 (July 1984) As Batman: Robin #0 (October 1994) As Target: Nightwing: The Target #1 (September 2001) As Agent 37: Grayson #1 (July 2014)
What is Red Hood's real name?
Jason Todd
Notable aliases
Robin, Red Hood, Red Robin, Batman, Wingman, Arkham Knight
Expert marksman, tactician, martial artist and adept hand-to-hand combatant Enhanced strength, speed and durability due to exposure to the Lazarus Pit Utilizing high-tech equipment and weapons
What are the Robins names in order?


1.1 Robin I (Dick Grayson)
1.2 Robin II (Jason Todd)
1.3 Robin III (Tim Drake)
1.4 Robin IV (Stephanie Brown)
1.5 Robin V (Damian Wayne)
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How many Robins did Batman have and name all 5?
5 Robins who are the most known throughout the DC universe. Dick Grayson,Jason Todd,Tim Drake,Stephenie Brown,and lost but not least,the biological son of Bruce Wayne,Damian Wayne.
Sep 14, 2021 · The Robin of Batman '89 doesn't gain his name from Batman, and it's a perfect twist on the character's public persona for the DC movie's world.
3 days ago · Although he's considered “a realistic superhero,” Batman's endless supply of child sidekicks who adopt the name “Robin” borders on the absurd. In the real world ...
3 days ago · Bruce Wayne was at the show and takes Dick Grayson as his ward and when he finds out Bruce is Batman he is offered to be a sidekick and he became Robin. Jason ...
9 hours ago · Wolfman and Pérez had Grayson set aside the Robin identity and become the independent superhero Nightwing in Teen Titans, while Todd became Robin in the Batman ...
Sep 5, 2021 · Jason Todd, the former Robin killed by the Joker in Batman: A Death in the Family, is revealed to have been resurrected by Ra's al Ghul via the Lazarus Pit. But ...
Sep 9, 2021 · Bruce Wayne/Batman · Alfred Pennyworth · Dick Grayson/Robin I/Nightwing/Batman III · Kathy Kane/Batwoman/Katrina "Luka" Netz/Agent 0 · Barbara Gordon/Batgirl I / ...
3 days ago · I'm worried that if they'll make Tim be Robin that they'll give Damian a new vigilante name but it's still to early for him. What are your thoughts? #tim drake# ...
Aug 28, 2021 · Damian Wayne has always had a special connection to Dick Grayson. Batman may be his father, but it was Dick who chipped away at the angry and arrogant ...