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Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie survived the Thanos Snap at the end of infinity War. Post the events of Infinity War, she took charge of the remaining survivors and founded New Asgard. Soon, Valkyrie became the leader of the settlement.

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Why did they make Valkyrie black?
Even Saldana's role as Gamora opens up further discussions about black actresses being casted for roles that completely covered them CGI or makeup. So to have Thompson cast as Valkyrie meant that the MCU would finally have a black female superhero with no makeup and no CGI, her blackness visible and in the forefront.
What happened to Valkyrie in Infinity War?
In Infinity War (the movie after Ragnarok) Thanos invades the ship with his minions and kills almost all of the Asgardian population. We see Hulk, Thor, Loki and Heimdall, but not Miek, Korg and Valkyrie. Later on in Endgame, we learned that somehow Korg, Miek and Valkyrie survived the attack on the spaceship.
Did Valkyries Pegasus die?
The flashback in Ragnarok that introduced the Valkyries and their flying mounts was the same one that showed “our” Valkyrie losing hers. The entire force was wiped out when Odin sent them to fight his daughter Hela, and when we meet Valkyrie there's nothing of her old life left, least of all her trusty equine sidekick.
Why did Tony Stark not die in Infinity War?
Since Thanos' snap is supposedly random, Marvel Studios is able to easily get away with the explanation that the six Avengers were simply lucky to be spared. Of course, fans know that there's a narrative motivation in keeping them all alive past Avengers: Infinity War and into Endgame.
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