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An emergency department (ED), also known as an accident & emergency department (A&E), emergency room (ER), emergency ward (EW) or casualty department, ...
History · Nomenclature in English · United Kingdom · Overcrowding
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What is the ER called in the UK?
An A&E department (also known as emergency department or casualty) deals with genuine life-threatening emergencies, such as: loss of consciousness.
Does the UK have emergency rooms?
Emergencies in the UK If you need urgent treatment or advice in the UK, you can do one of the following: call 111 for NHS medical help or advice if the situation is urgent but not life-threatening. call 999 for emergency services if you need an ambulance, the police or the fire service.
Is England in ER?
The ER stands for Elizabeth Regina. Because she is the second Queen Elizabeth, her cypher includes the roman numerals to indicate this – II. A Royal Cypher is unique to each reigning monarch, and consists of the monarch's name and title, which are sometimes interwoven together and often topped by a crown.
What is an A and E doctor in England?
The commonly used UK term for the hospital department which provides a service primarily for the reception, triage, examination and treatment of patients who have been involved in an accident, have sustained an injury, or who have an acute surgical or medical emergency which may require hospital facilities.
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