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'The Pod Generation': 'Anatomy Of A Scandal' Star Rosalie Craig And 'Boiling Point' Breakout Vinette Robinson Board Sci-Fi Romcom Starring Chiwetel Ejiofor &...
2 weeks ago
The film will also star Emilia Clarke and Chiwetel Ejiofor. vinette-robinson Image via BBC America. Rosalie Craig and Vinette Robinson have joined...
2 weeks ago
Chiwetel will play Alvy alongside the likes of Emilia Clarke, Vinette Robinson, and Kathryn Hunter. The film is considered to be a science fiction romantic...
19 hours ago
Just under two years ago, Robinson – best known for her roles in Sherlock, where she was police sergeant Sally Donovan, and in Doctor Who, in which she played...
4 months ago
... to negotiate a pay rise for his indispensable chef Carly (Vinette Robinson), ... The whole cast are solid, but Graham, Robinson and Flemyng in the three...
4 weeks ago
Anatomy of a Scandal star Rosalie Craig and Boiling Point's Vinette Robinson have boarded The Pod Generation, Sophie Barthes' upcoming sci-fi romcom.
2 weeks ago
Standouts include Vinette Robinson, playing the ultra-competent sous chef Carly, a woman whose loyalty to Andy has been sorely tested.
3 days ago
Carly: Vinette Robinson Beth: Alice Feetham Freeman: Ray Panthaki Emily: Hannah Walters Tony: Malachi Kirby Camille: Izuka Hoyle Billy: Taz Skylar
2 weeks ago
... they usually come across as generically stressed with only Carly (Vinette Robinson) feeling like a well rounded character, thanks to an excellently...
2 weeks ago
... Chibnall has been particularly interested in the history of female historical figures like Rosa Parks (Vinette Robinson), Ada Lovelace (Sylvie Briggs),...
1 month ago