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Dec 28, 2018 ˇ Lisa is Homeless in Venice Beach, California. Rats Run Into the Bushes During This Interview ...
Duration: 17:54
Posted: Dec 28, 2018
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Are there still homeless people in Venice Beach?
There were 1,901 homeless people in the Venice area in 2020, according to the latest count conducted by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority.
Feb 10, 2022
Where did all the homeless people go on Venice Beach?
A homeless woman along the boardwalk in Venice Beach. A majority of people who were living along the oceanfront have moved to temporary housing or further inland after authorities conducted a massive cleanup last summer.
How safe is Venice Beach?
Venice Beach was named the most dangerous beach on Outforia's list, with a score of 7.19 out of 10, just barely edging out Daytona Beach, FL, with a score of 7.18 out of 10, by one fraction of a percentage point. Waikiki Beach, Hawaii was third in the ranking at 4.51 out of ten.
Is there a homeless problem in Santa Monica?
The 2019 Santa Monica Homeless Count, showed that homeless levels across the city remained stagnant, with methamphetamine rising among the city's homeless population. According to the results of the 2019 count, the total number of people experiencing homelessness increased by three percent from 957 to 987.
Video for Venice beach homeless interview
May 19, 2021 ˇ It's the outdoor beach lifestyle the homeless in Venice say they like. With no cost, no rules ...
Duration: 2:46
Posted: May 19, 2021
Video for Venice beach homeless interview
Apr 15, 2020 ˇ Michel is now homeless in Venice Beach, California. Michel shares there is plenty of food ...
Duration: 9:30
Posted: Apr 15, 2020
Video for Venice beach homeless interview
Sep 9, 2020 ˇ Homeless at 9. Abused at 11. Is this Venice Beach Man's homelessness by choice? 5,453 ...
Duration: 9:32
Posted: Sep 9, 2020
Jul 25, 2021 ˇ Below are edited accounts from a series of interviews with three people who have recently been living along Venice Boulevard, on the Westside of ...
Feb 10, 2022 ˇ A homeless woman walks past a tent set up in Venice Beach on July 2, ... who leads the 11-year-old organization, in an interview with KABC.
He cannot get through his interview with Spectrum News without yawning every few minutes, deeply. He apologized and said he does not sleep ...
Duration: 2:45
Posted: Jul 2, 2021
Video for Venice beach homeless interview
Dec 3, 2018 ˇ She rented an apartment in Venice Beach, California for 17 years. ... told me in this interview ...
Duration: 9:53
Posted: Dec 3, 2018
Video for Venice beach homeless interview
Feb 14, 2019 ˇ ... and because of the high cost of living Devine ended up homeless on Venice Beach. In this ...
Duration: 10:27
Posted: Feb 14, 2019
"Today I went to Venice Beach to find a homeless person to interview. It was not a really easy task, most of the people did not want it to be on camera.
Duration: 19:54
Posted: Oct 3, 2020