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Van Helsing is a fantasy horror drama television series. Kelly Overton plays the titular character of the series, which was inspired by Zenescope ...
Kelly Overton · Jonathan Scarfe · Nicole Muņoz · Zenescope Entertainment
Rating (21,161)
Van Helsing: With Kelly Overton, Jonathan Scarfe, Aleks Paunovic, Rukiya Bernard. Vanessa Helsing, distant relative of famous vampire hunter Abraham Van ...
Episode Guide · Full Cast and Crew · Van Helsing--Official Trailer · Parents Guide
People also ask
Is Van Helsing worth watching?
If you like The Walking Dead and/or The Strain, Van Helsing is worth checking out. The performances of Overton and Scarfe are absolutely a good reason to tune in to Van Helsing. The two of them make each of their characters relatable, despite some superpowers and the insane situations they find themselves in.
Is Vanessa Van Helsing dead?
The words paralyze Dracula, and Violet and Jack are able to pounce on her and sink their teeth into her neck. The darkness leaves her body, and enters... Vanessa. She makes the ultimate sacrifice, providing her body as the vessel to contain the evil, a choice for which she pays dearly.
Is Vanessa Van Helsing a vampire?
Vanessa soon discovers that not all the kids are gone. One survived. Tabby. But she's been turned into a vampire, and Chad's been feeding her.
Is Van Helsing on Netflix scary?
Parents need to know that Van Helsing is a dark, grim show about an apocalypse caused by vampires. Violence is frequent and intense; here's a sampling. Men and women fight each other with knives and guns. They're stabbed and punched and shot, bludgeoned in the face, and a woman's hand is impaled deeply on a knife.
Van Helsing. 2016 | TV-MA | 4 Seasons | TV Horror. After three years in a coma, Vanessa awakens to a world ravaged by vampires. Now, she and a motley band ...
In this reimagining of the classic Dracula story, the world is dominated by vampires, requiring humans to work together to survive. The series centers on ...
Van Helsing is an American post-apocalyptic supernatural horror series created by Neil Labute, which reimagines the classic story of vampire hunters.
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Video for Van Helsing (TV series)
Jan 22, 2020 · After raising Dracula from the dead Abraham Van Helsing has an offer for Dracula that would see ...
Duration: 4:23
Posted: Jan 22, 2020
Oct 21, 2021 · Inspired by the graphic novel series, Van Helsing came to an end in 2021 with the fifth and final season airing on Syfy.
Feb 1, 2020 · Van Helsing the most famous vampire hunter out there, but the Syfy show ... between the film and television series is the setting location.
Rating · Review by Joyce Slaton
What's the story? Based on a graphic novel series, VAN HELSING centers on Vanessa Helsing (Kelly Overton), the daughter of famous vampire hunter and Dracula's ...