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1 week ago · The Tale of Bulgaria's 'Vampire Graves'. The discovery in 2014 sparked a wave of curious tourists — no word if Buffy Summers was among them. Bethania Palma.
1 month ago · DRACULA devotees have been left spitting blood over their fruitless demands to see the fictional vampire's grave. Frustrated fans have even verbally abused...
3 weeks ago · A vampire breaks up a graveyard engagement by murdering a young man and impregnating his fiancée. That woman ends up giving birth to a blood-sucking baby.
3 days ago · A third said the grave may have been 'moved' by grave robbers or 'vampires', while a fourth offered: "Animal probably found the hole and tried to bring it out...
3 days ago · The handyman was walking through the graveyard when he saw the disheveled locks ... either somebody's grave robbing or vampires,' suggested another person.
3 days ago · A man claims to have found "human hair" poking out of a 100-year-old grave in a California cemetery. Joel Morrison was visiting the Saint Joseph's Catholic...
4 weeks ago · Margie Fuston's debut Vampires, Hearts, and Other Dead Things brings back vampires from the YA trope grave with a trip down to New Orleans.
2 weeks ago · In American Horror Story's second vampire premise, season 10's Red Tide is actually ... Costa is actually buried in an unmarked grave in Provincetown.
2 weeks ago · So there you have it: "Total Eclipse of the Heart" was originally written about Nosferatu, and, like a vampire, returned from the grave to feast again.
3 days ago · ... spirits, zombies, and vampires—the set adds a number of keyword abilities that ... from your graveyard—like a ghost haunting you from beyond the grave.