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2 days ago How it sounded fit the meaning," Rassan told The New York Times. Cheugy's actually had an entry on Urban Dictionary since 2018: "The opposite of trendy. Stylish...
1 day ago Urban Dictionary has two entries for the word “cheugy.” According to the first, penned by @cheuglife (also the name of a popular Instagram account cataloging,...
4 days ago According to Cain, and a Urban Dictionary definition, cheugy is the “opposite of trendy” and is used when someone follows out-of-date trends. Recommended.
5 days ago The Urban Dictionary definition defines it as "the opposite of trendy" and "stylish in middle school and high school but no longer in style." Recently, it's gained new...
3 weeks ago Urban Dictionary, the online repository of the latest slang, describes the vaxinista like this: “A person who gets the vaccine and flaunts it with high end shopping,...
2 days ago ... millennial girlboss energy”. According to Urban Dictionary, cheugy refers to the “opposite of trendy,” and “when someone still follows these out-of-date trends.”.
1 week ago According to Urban Dictionary, it is the “opposite of trendy” — cheugy describes a style that was “popular in middle school or high school,” but is no longer cool.
1 day ago Urban Dictionary describes them as “girls who gallop on the track during gym class.” And frankly, some do: In Finland, hobbyhorse riding, according to The Wall...
4 weeks ago The following year, the Urban Dictionary entry for the acronym version popped up online, stating that it's the website's “7th most cursed subreddit.” This is similar...
2 weeks ago In April 2019, an Urban Dictionary user published a now-deleted “national rape day” definition, claiming it is April 24th, “the day when it's legal to rape people”.