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Jul 27, 2022 ˇ Marie Adler is a rape victim and long-haul trucker from Lynnwood, Washington, ... Marie Adler's story was portrayed in Netflix's web series "Unbelievable".
Break Up: Jordan Schweitzer
Full Name: Marie Adler
Net Worth: $150,000 US dollars
Birth Place: Lynnwood, Washington
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Where is Marie Adler today?
The real Marie currently works as a long-haul truck driver. It's unclear what Marie's future holds at the end of the Netflix series, but Armstrong still keeps in touch with the real-life Marie Adler and told NPR that she's currently working as a long-haul truck driver. "She drives an 18-wheeler across the country.
Jan 3, 2020
Did Marie Adler get married?
While Unbelievable ends with Marie getting a new car, ready to move on with her life, the ProPublica article goes on to report that Marie eventually became a long-haul trucker. She also married and had two kids, but asked that her current location not be disclosed.
Sep 16, 2019
What is the timeline in Unbelievable?
Premise. A dramatization of the 2008–2011 Washington and Colorado serial rape cases, Unbelievable follows "Marie, a teenager who was charged with lying about having been raped, and the two detectives who followed a twisting path to arrive at the truth".
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