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Are Torrei Hart and Kevin Hart friends?
Kevin Hart Opens Up About Co-Parenting With Torrei Hart: 'We've Become Friends' Kevin Hart and Torrei Hart can attest to the saying “time heals all things.” The divorced couple has battled it out in the past before forming an amicable co-parenting relationship.
Aug 2, 2022
Does Torrei Hart have custody of her kids?
That's part of the reason why I am having this big breakthrough.” In her interview on The Real, the “Breakin' Thru with Torrei” podcast host reveals that co-parenting her daughter Heaven Hart, 16, and 13-year-old son Hendrix Hart with Kevin became smoother as well.
Oct 18, 2021
How old is Torrei Hart?
44 years (February 28, 1978)
Torrei Hart / Age
Why hasn't Torrei Hart changed her last name?
The actress and comedian says she's keeping her ex-husband's name because it's her name, he doesn't mind her having it, and her kids want her to keep it, too.
Oct 18, 2021
Video for Torrei Hart
Sep 4, 2022 · Flakko has a field day with Torrei Hart and asks her pretty much everything under the sun ...
Duration: 1:04:27
Posted: Sep 4, 2022
5 days ago · Torrei Hart is in a great place. ... After her very public split from Kevin in 2011, Torrei said she battled depression and suicidal thoughts.
5 days ago · Kevin Hart is the first to admit that in his marriage to ex wife Torrei Hart, he didn't do all he could to earn husband of the year.
Aug 29, 2022 · In a new interview Torrei Hart reveals that she had thoughts of suicide after ex-husband Kevin current wife Eniko Parrish became official.
2 days ago · Kevin Hart's ex-wife Torrei Hart reveals she has no plans to change her last name for multiple reasons including that her kids don't want her to change it. Tune ...
5 days ago · Kevin Hart better gift Torrei Hart whatever her Hart desires! The comedian reveals he didn't clear any jokes by his ex-wife, and he probably owes her a ...
Aug 30, 2022 · Torrei Hart is Actress, Producer, Writer, Photographer & YouTuber from Los Angeles, California (USA). We have added the Torrei Hart's net worth, biography, ...
Aug 29, 2022 · See more facts about Kevin Hart's ex-wife, Torrei Hart. Take a peek at her social media activities. Find out why she divorced Kevin.
2 days ago · kevin-hart-torrei-hart-e1513284712133. Share this: Twitter · Facebook · FB_IMG_1511832609925. FM2_3331. ABOUT US. is your home for news, ...
12 hours ago · Kevin Hart broke up with his ex-wife Torrei nearly a decade ago, so he could be with a much younger woman – his current wife Eniko.