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Now that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is firmly in a post-Endgame world, ... look no further than the use of Norse mythology in the Thor movies.
7 months ago
2 How to Train Your Dragon. Gerard Butler's native Scottish accent is perfect for his role as Hiccup's father Stoick the...
3 months ago
Myers' insistence ended up paying off though, as Shrek's Scottish accent became ... succeeded in squashing Universal's planned Dark Universe film series.
1 month ago
'A Net for Small Fishes' is dark, entertaining historical fiction ... Jovial King James, with his disarming Scottish accent, keeps his courtiers in debt and...
5 months ago
Per Variety, the second season is set to begin filming later this year in Scotland (I'm starting a petition to let David Tennant use his Scottish accent as...
10 months ago
Tony Curran's MCU part comes in Thor: The Dark World, where he plays former ... She also delivers an impressively convincing American accent, proving her...
6 months ago
The world of acting has produced numerous mesmerizing actors, ... The thick Scottish accent certainly grabs the attention of any viewer and it only adds to...
2 months ago
It's Brian Cox's World: With a juicy memoir headed for publication in January and a weekly slot as patriarch Logan Roy on season 3 of HBO's Succession, Scottish...
6 months ago
Early Marvel films got around the accents issue by largely letting the actors speak in their natural voices. When, in Iron Man 2, Scarlett Johansson was...
3 months ago
Capaldi has a very strong Scottish accent naturally, but...
9 months ago