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Why does Thor have a Scottish accent?
This is to go with the cod-Shakespearean language that they speak up in Asgard - a tradition started by Stan Lee in the comics. It makes logical sense to use this kind of accent for the Asgardians when they have this old-world way of speaking.
What accent is Thor supposed to have?
He has an Australian accent. His accent will be the same accent he has, which is an aussie accent. Unless it's something like how Tom Holland had to get a voice coach so he can speak with an American accent, even though he's English and was born and raised in England, and has an English accent as well.
Why does Loki have a British accent?
Loki's accent is Tom Hiddleston's real accent. He's English, and speaks with an accent that reflects where he grew up: Wimbledon and a village outside Oxford. He also attended Eton, Pembroke, and Cambridge, where his training included theatrical pronunciation.
What is Tessa's accent?
After doing my research, she's All American from Los Angeles, CA! So I would say Tessa's British accent is “spot on mate”. Its a west London, mid-upper crust accent (so its a learned common accent from maybe a voice coach vice an immersion living there accent).
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3 days ago · I say, my thick Scottish accent clearly audible. He lets out a hum, ... PART 2. Warning: mainly just fluff, some crying. Pairing: Reader x Loki, x Thor.
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