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3 days ago · ... I suggest you hop on over to Netflix, where the second season of the underappreciated ... Strangers call her “sir,” and her girlfriend, George (Charlotte Ritchie), has Mae saved in her phone as “Corn. ... when she was a teen, her parents (Adrian Lukis and a wonderfully imperious Lisa ... A simple guide to tote-bag etiquette.
1 week ago · Netflix's hit Spanish-language drama Elite returns for season four this Friday, which ... Let's review what their student bios might say about them and what they've ... a student for the first time this year, he's no stranger to the school community. ... to distance himself from his super-strict parents) in order to stay by Ander's side.
3 weeks ago · While “Bo Burnham: Inside” has been billed as a surprise Netflix comedy special ... made a few them, it's actually a far stranger and profound feature-length immersion ... shot in her home with an audience exclusively composed of her parents.
3 weeks ago · ... screened some of the films below to put together this guide for all your needs, ... Gael García Bernal and Phantom Thread's Vicky Krieps star as the parents; their ... (By the way, when did all movie aliens start looking like the Stranger Things ... Billed as a “film trilogy event” by Netflix, this collection of movies takes R. L....
1 month ago · Ever since Netflix's House of Cards started raking in Emmy nominations back in ... of high-profile series debuts (Loki, Nine Perfect Strangers) and new seasons of ... to guide you through some of the high points we're keeping an eye on, as we ... In other films/series about the Muslim community, parents are always insisting...
2 days ago · Announced today, Netflix is adapting Adam Gidwitz's books with the ... away from home to find better parents…or at least ones who won't chop off their heads! ... fairy tales, unexpected narrators' guide us through their encounters with witches, ... the TV writer's compliance; the stranger wants his favorite show's finale redone.
4 weeks ago · THE AMUSEMENT PARK (on Shudder) In one of the stranger collaborations in cinema ... AWAKE (on Netflix) A cataclysm knocks out Earth's power grids and gives the ... Bernal and Vicky Krieps (“Phantom Thread”) as parents vacationing with their ... Bogartian skipper (Dwayne Johnson) as her guide through the Amazon.
1 week ago · In this guide, you'll be able to compare these two industry heavy-hitters head to ... Both Hulu and Netflix have parental controls, so you can set parameters for ... such as “Stranger Things” and “BoJack Horseman,” as well as an easy-to-navigate...
3 weeks ago · With Season 1 of Netflix's Sweet Tooth dawning, here is a guide to the cast and characters surrounding the deer-boy, Gus, surviving in a cruel world. By Renaldo...
6 hours ago · In recent years, the internet has been awash with forums, video clips, guide books ... for lucid dreaming recently received another boost with the popular Netflix series ... (for example: “Sometimes I feel like strangers are reading my thoughts”). ... Let's say that if one of your parents has schizophrenia, you might be better off not...