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2 days ago Military Guy: But I wasn't the only one who thought that? Olav: I know, but it's making everyone think we cut and run! Look, I'm on your side, but this really isn'...
23 hours ago The majority of riders were from Europe (62.4%) but there were also 45 North American riders, 23 from Oceania, 3 from Asia, 2 from South America, and 1 from...
4 days ago This means that at various points throughout tonight's episode, the most trusting ... Task Force that they were helping implant Priya as a spy, Reddington was, in fact, ... is one of the rudest things to ever happen in 167 episodes of The Blacklist).
2 days ago Jupiter's Legacy actor Josh Duhamel has recalled shooting one particularly ... The pivotal scene in question occurs at the very end of episode one of the ... tedious process, that battle scene," the Utopian star told Digital Spy and other press.
1 month ago Set in Berlin in 1961, AMC+'s new spy thriller stars Dominic Cooper as a British ... himself to much of a read at all — even after the six-episode entirety of Spy City. ... between global powers, everybody has at least one agenda — usually more.
2 weeks ago The pairing of June and Mrs. Keyes — who's a kind of surrogate for June's daughter Hannah — is one of the episode's better ideas. Mrs. Keyes, a young...
1 day ago Line of Duty's controversial final episode has broken a huge ratings record, becoming the ... The series 1-6 boxset is already available to pre-order. Line of Duty...
3 weeks ago At the Fold in the present, Mal and Alina are thrilled to see one another. They discuss their past in Ketterdam and the presence of the Grisha, "show off" warriors...
4 weeks ago The Gist: British spy Fielding Scott (Dominic Cooper) goes into a cafe, and enters ... looks like he will factor into Scott's mission more than we see in episode one.
1 day ago In the Netflix series, Diop uses the Lupin stories as inspiration for the various crimes and capers he commits, including an Episode 1 heist from the Louvre of the...