The Shape of Water

R · 2017 ‧ Romance/Fantasy ‧ 2h 3m
7.3/10 · IMDb 87% · Metacritic 92% · Rotten Tomatoes
Elisa is a mute, isolated woman who works as a cleaning lady in a hidden, high-security government laboratory in 1962 Baltimore. Her life changes forever when she discovers the lab's classified secret -- a mysterious, scaled creature from South...
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Is there a part 2 of The Shape of Water?
The sequel is, arguably, not of the same quality or power of the first film, but it does carry its own merit and subtext. Despite the many elements that link Revenge of the Creature to what features in The Shape of Water – from its visuals to its themes – relatively little has been said of the threads they share.
Nov 22, 2019
Was Elisa a fish?
Consider Paul Tassi's theory suggested in a recent Forbes article: just like the fish man, Elisa is part fish, and there's plenty of evidence to support this. For starters, Elisa was found in a river and orphaned as a baby.
Is Elisa a mermaid in shape of water?
Elisa appears to be human throughout the film but was she born a fish creature too? The Shape of Water ends with the creature taking Elisa into the water and not only healing hers but also giving her gills. ... Perhaps he never created gills for Elisa, but merely restored what had already once been there.
Is Sally Hawkins deaf?
Hawkins is a likeable screen presence in The Shape of Water, and while her character isn't deaf, she does communicate in sign language – so wouldn't it make more sense to have a deaf or sign-language using actor rather than having her learn it?
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Curious about the creature, Elisa discovers it is a humanoid amphibian. She begins visiting him in secret, and the two form a close bond. Seeking to exploit the ... Story by: Guillermo del Toro Budget: $19.5–20 million Production companies: Fox Searchlight Pictures; TSG Entertainment; Double Dare You Productions Languages: American Sign Language; English
Rating (394,465)
The Shape of Water: Directed by Guillermo del Toro. With Sally Hawkins, Michael Shannon, Richard Jenkins, Octavia Spencer. At a top secret research facility ...
Mar 5, 2018 · The Oscar's Best Picture winner The Shape of Water is a ... I think that the two are possibly the same species, or least part of the way ...