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Rating (786)
In this Biblical drama, a young woman who is widowed at the hands of her jealous brothers. She then begins a journey to find her place as an independent woman ...
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Video for The Red Tent Movie
Nov 17, 2014 · Watch a preview for Lifetime's miniseries The Red Tent, starring Minnie Driver, Morena ...Duration: 1:01
Posted: Nov 17, 2014
Directed by Mikhail Kalatozov. With Sean Connery, Peter Finch, Claudia Cardinale, Hardy Krüger. Torn by personal guilt, Italian General Umberto Nobile  ...
Things We Don't Talk About: Woman's Stories from the Red Tent is a groundbreaking 72-minute documentary film by award winning filmmaker Isadora  ...
Rating (9)
Movie Info. In his apartment in Rome in the 1960s, the elderly and guilt-stricken Gen. Umberto Nobile (Peter Finch) recalls the tragic airship expedition he led to ...
Rating (13)
Critics Consensus: While its premise isn't yet fully realized, The Red Tent boasts an appealing lead and enough energy to suggest greater promise. 2014, ...
Rating (12) · $9.35 · In stock
Dinah happily grows up inside the red tent where the women of her tribe gather ... This movie goes so well with the book, I actually liked the Movie a little better.
Nov 2, 2020 · In addition to Sean Connery as Amundsen, many well-known actors starred in the movie including Claudia Cardinale (left) and Peter Finch, who ...
Dec 5, 2014 · TV Movie Goodness Mini-Series Preview: Lifetime's The Red Tent [VIDEO and PHOTOS] ... [Warning: General spoilers ahead.] Lifetime gets ...
Dec 4, 2014 · Lifetime's "The Red Tent," a two-part miniseries that premieres Dec. 7 and 8, is a biblical drama narrated by Jacob's only daughter, Dinah ...