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Feb 2, 2020 · The episode opens with chaos, a shoot-out that results in the death of a young man with the same scar on the back of his neck as Jack Hoskins.
Feb 2, 2020 · On tonight's episode of 'The Outsider,' Ralph gets another warning, and Gibney uncovers another connection.
Feb 3, 2020 · Basically, Holly Gibney goes back to Dayton and we learn about a man there who has the same burn mark on the back of his neck as Jack Hoskins.
Feb 2, 2020 · After a horrible nightmare involving the stranger, Tima wakes up while Jack speaks to Ralph and pleads with him to help in the investigation.
Feb 2, 2020 · The scary stuff in this show seems concentrated in conversation, not in terrorizing nightmares full of dutch angles and shrieking strings.
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The next day, Joy Peterson, the mother of the victim, dies at the hospital after collapsing at home. As Terry arrives at the courthouse for his arraignment, the murdered boy's teenage brother opens fire, injuring others and fatally wounding Terry before being killed by Ralph.
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Arlene Peterson suffers a breakdown following her youngest son's funeral. She then suffers a fatal heart attack. Her husband Fred and oldest son Ollie are left to deal with the aftermath of her death.
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