That Milk Must Have Turned by Now

The Misery Index: Season 1, Episode 1
"Impractical Jokers" Brian "Q" Quinn, Sal Vulcano, James "Murr" Murray and Joe Gatto are paired with contestants to guess the misery of some hilariously traumatic real-life events for a chance at $30,000; host Jameela Jamil.
Air date: October 22, 2019
Rating (70)
Episodes (11) · 1. That Milk Must Have Turned by Now. October 21, 2019 · 2. Men of Intellect. October 21, 2019 · 3. He's Crushing His Man Cave Game. October 28, ...
Your favorite episodes available anytime on demand ... hilarious and miserable real-life events on a scale of 1-100 based on the “Misery Index,” a ranking ...
Oct 22, 2019 · Welcome to The Misery Index where host Jameela Jamil and stars of the hit show, "Impractical Jokers", Brian "Q" Quinn, Sal Vulcano, ...
Rating (32)
Sal Vulcano, Brian Quinn, James Murray, and Joe Gatto in The Misery Index. The Misery Index: That Milk Must Have Turned By Now. Play trailer1:36 · 1 Video.
Apr 27, 2021 · The Misery Index: Sal had to Search Through Elephant Sh*t (Season 3 Episode 1 Clip) | TBS · The Misery Index: How Bad is Getting Crushed by ...
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May 14, 2020 · For the premiere of Season 2, we are hosting The Misery Index Live where Jameela Jamil and ...Duration: 29:28
Posted: May 14, 2020
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Oct 22, 2019 · Metacritic TV Episode Reviews, That Milk Must Have Turned by Now, Jameela Jamil and the ...Posted: Oct 22, 2019
Rating (14)
Oct 22, 2019 · EPISODE 1. That Milk Must Have Turned by Now · EPISODE 2. Men of Intellect · EPISODE 3. He's Crushing His Man Cave Game · EPISODE 4. How Did It Get ...
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How do I watch The Misery Index?
What happened to Misery Index?
The Misery Index is an American television comedy game show developed for TBS that premiered on October 22, 2019. ... In 2020, the series was renewed for a third season which premiered on January 26, 2021.
How many episodes of The Misery Index are there?
The Misery Index / Number of episodes
What channel is misery index on?
TBS is bringing viewers the good kind of misery in 2021 with a brand new season of The Misery Index. The comedic game show features contestants ranking real life embarrassing and traumatic stories for cash, and earning lots of laughs along the way.
... real-life experiences on a scale of 1-100 based on the “Misery Index”, a ranking system created by a team of therapists. ... Season 1. 11 episodes. Released year: 2019 Genres: Comedy; n> Networks: TBS; n> Audio: English; n>
At the start of each episode, each contestant relates a story of his/her own whose rating is never revealed. Round 1: Misery Lane[edit]. Two hypothetical ... No. of episodes: 40 No. of seasons: 3 Created by: Ben Newmark; Dan Newmark; Andy Breckman Executive producers: Ben Newmark; Dan Newmark; Adam Bold; Andy Breckman; Vin Rubino; Rob Anderson; Howard Klein; Brian ...