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Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby wrote the pilot and served as writers and showrunners alongside Naren Shankar. Terry McDonough was revealed to be directing the first two episodes of the series in October 2014.
15 hours ago
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How closely does The Expanse follow the books?
Although The Expanse rearranged the order of some character introductions over the years, each season for the most part followed the conflict of each successive book in the James S. A. Corey series. Season one followed Leviathan Wakes, season two followed Caliban's War, and so on.
Dec 11, 2021
Who created Protomolecule?
The Protomolecule was created by extra-terrestrials around two billion years in the past, and launched as one of the Bracewell probe swarm at trajectories towards the stars harbouring planetary systems having conditions for the emergence and evolution of some molecular replication mechanism.
Is The Expanse caught up with the books?
On November 30th, the final book in The Expanse series will be published. ... This is a particularly weird question where The Expanse is concerned because the series will never really catch up to the books, which do a serious time jump in book seven. The series, we expect, ends around the end of book six, mostly.
Nov 18, 2021
Where is The Expanse season 3 filmed?
The Expanse was filmed in Toronto & Oshawa in Canada.
5 days ago · The Expanse is an American science fiction television series that premiered ...
2 days ago · Season Three is the third season of Syfy's The Expanse. It premiered on April 11, ... Block, Episodes, Director's Start Date, Photography, Director's Cut.

Episodes: 13
Finale: Double ("Congregation", "Abaddon's Gate"; June 27, 2018)
Premiere: "Fight or Flight" (April 11th, 2018)
Based on: Caliban's War (episodes 1-6); Abaddon's Gate (episodes 6-13)
5 days ago · Anya Adams is an award-winning Canadian-American director. Adams began her career in the nonprofit sector travelling the world working with global citizen ...

Season(s): Six
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1 day ago · The Expanse recently ended its six season run on Amazon Prime. (The first three seasons were on SyFy Channel.) The final season was truncated into only six ...
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6 days ago · The Expanse > Season 4: Season from 2019 with Steven Strait, Cas Anvar, Dominique Tipper. ... The Expanse > New Terra (2019). Director: Breck Eisner.
3 days ago · The premier sci-fi drama of the last decade, The Expanse is an epic space drama based on the best-selling novels of James S.A. Corey (the pen name of ...
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3 days ago · The Expanse's showrunner Naren Shankar reflects on the sci-fi series' past, ... The director Breck Eisner and cinematographer Jeremy Benning thought it was ...