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44 minutes ago · It could be that had Ann not sent for Richard, he would have, for some other reason, ... Promise me you won't leave this spot until I come back.
46 minutes ago · She died of morphine. That's guessing. I admit, but it's a swell guess, because that would be the only way to kill her which would force you to cover up for ...
5 minutes ago · “I love you the way you are” is a phrase that should be used to express your love towards someone. I love you more than I love myself. Well that's all right ...
60 minutes ago · Rocío Molina says she has "no need for noise". To avoid it, she has no TV at home. She likes what she calls the "snail effect", shutting herself away in her ...
5 minutes ago · Aina was used to getting paid for her internships and could not see taking an unpaid opportunity over a summer job. "If I felt that it wasn't compensated ...
17 minutes ago · Now is the time for you to prepare for any possible impacts that could occur due to ... It also should have plastic, duct tape, and a utility knife to cover ...
6 minutes ago · Postell hopes to start a cosmetics company, creating products that will be gentle ... is almost like holding up a mirror and saying “Wow, that could be me!
3 minutes ago · These are generally larger tarps, and they feature a rear flap to cover the ends of the ... Reveal to me that which is hidden. ... Spell 'tarp' for me!
5 minutes ago · Although in the RP you have full control over me and do not have to let me have any say over how I am tickled, these are ideas that I figure could be fun, ...
22 minutes ago · I mean, all genres are like that, with building blocks at the bottom of every ... and manage to survive any number of attacks that should have killed them.