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Katharina Grosse Splinter, 2022 Acrylic on plywood, wall and floor 1750 x 1000 x ... To celebrate the centenary of SIMON HANTAI (1922-2008), Fondation Louis...
1 day ago
The conflict in Ukraine has crystallized a phenomenon that has gradually been developing after the global financial crisis (GFC) of 2008.
6 hours ago
... and neoliberalism, he asserts, did so from the 1970s to the 2010s, when it began to splinter after the war in Iraq and the economic crash of 2008.
2 weeks ago
Splinter might be the most underrated action/horror movie of the new millennium. Toby Wilkins directed a 2008 low-budget flick that stars the great Shea...
1 week ago
... from aligning with splinter groups and developing confusing ballots. ... In 2008 when New Jersey's primary was held on Super Tuesday, the result was not...
6 days ago
Splinter Cell is one of the most groundbreaking stealth series in video game ... and unique characters that it could stand apart from the 2008 comedy.
4 weeks ago
Palin has not been active in the party since 2008, but that is no crime. ... Well, as near as I can tell, he and Palin are part of a splinter group of...
3 weeks ago
Having worked with both major splinter groups of the Kerala Congress respectively led ... Front (LDF) and later merged with the Kerala Congress (M) in 2008.
3 weeks ago
... (Cope) in 2008, a claim the former minister's labelled false and unlawful. ... from further publishing the claim that he helped form splinter party Cope...
4 days ago
In 2008, during the mid-term of his second term as President of Colombia, ... The demobilization of the 2,200-strong AUC, like other splinter groups of the...
2 weeks ago