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What is the latest news about space?
Japan will send an astronaut to the moon with NASA, President Biden says. A Japanese astronaut will visit NASA's planned Gateway space station, and perhaps the moon's surface, as part of a larger interagency agreement.
What is the universe saying today?
Healing and restoration are being released. Your greatest days of productivity and prosperity are on the horizon. Keep moving forward.” The Universe is saying to you today: “I am going to open new doors for you.
What was NASA's big announcement?
What is NASA's next big project?
Moon 2024. In the half-century since people visited the Moon, NASA has continued to push the boundaries of knowledge to deliver on the promise of American ingenuity and leadership in space. And NASA will continue that work by moving forward to the Moon with astronauts landing on the lunar South Pole by 2024. is your source for the latest astronomy news and space discoveries, live coverage of space flights and the science of space travel.
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