Bartosz and Silja Tiedemann had two children: Agnes Nielsen and Hanno Tauber. Together with The Origin, Agnes would have one child: Tronte Nielsen.
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Jun 28, 2020 · El personaje de Silja Tiedemann en Dark, serie de Netflix, es interpretado por Lea Van Acken (joven), Lissy Pernthaler (adulta) y Aurora ...
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Silja Tiedemann Dark (2017) Posts: 0 Members: 0 Go to Vote. - Daughter of Hannah and Egon Tiedemann - Sister of Jonas - Mother of Agnes and Noah.
Lissy Pernthaler: Adult Silja Tiedemann. Showing all 1 items. Jump to: Photos (1). Photos. Lissy Pernthaler in Between the Time (2020). See also.
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Jan 24, 2021 · SILJA TIEDEMANN Who is it? And what is your HISTORY - DARK CHARACTERS ... SILJA ...
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