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12 hours ago · r/Grishaverse - Shadow and Bone on Netflix's Geeked Week. ... Controversy aside, the Seahawks have now won 13 straight Monday Night Football games.
6 days ago · It just seems like its existance has been the cause of so many problems. TFT wouldn't have the attention and controversy it does if not for harvest. I'm glad ...
4 days ago · "LESSER IS UNDERWRITTEN BY BLOOD, THE ABILITY AND WILLINGNESS TO SHED IT." I shiver, remembering the thing, the earth-shadow, the wailing-echo Jane and I saw. I ...
6 days ago · Just wondering who you guys/gals think were the most "badass" people in history and why? i.e. The Spartans, Blackbeards crew, Genghis Khan's personal guards ...
2 days ago · The primary end of marriage is the procreation and education of children. To my surprise, this was met with controversy, I think it warranted a post on it's own ...
5 days ago · I've recently finished Shadows of Amn and it has been one of my favorite ... and roll popular girl and a working herself to the bone obsessed scientist.
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6 days ago · The shadow birth truly killed my fem-bone. ... Gives 100 Reddit Coins and a week of r/lounge access and ad-free Thank you stranger. Shows the award.
2 days ago · Signed Streamer on Twitch! Sponsored by @Corsair, @IBuyPower & @Discord. Partner of @KingsCoast. Need VA? Let's talk. Email:
Missing: Shadow Bone