... left an indelible mark on his generation before his death at the age of 20. ... Synopsis: Seth MacFarlane's epic space adventure series,...
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Viola Davis, Seth MacFarlane and Julius Tennon Among Speakers Set for PGA Produced By Conference Seth MacFarlane. American actor Viola Davis.
3 days ago
Being finally named “Selma Blair” at age 3, set her apart from her siblings and provided her an anodyne ... She bit Seth MacFarlane.
2 days ago
... like having characters who don't have to visibly age, fans know all ... Cartoon fans have seen such examples like Seth MacFarlane shows...
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Seth MacFarlane was born in Kent, CT, on October 26, 1973, ... If you're my age, you watched 'Mayberry R.F.D' in the 60s featuring Andy...
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Our star is Ken Scarborough, a retirement-age Toronto-based local TV ... after Seth MacFarlane was able to launch his own Star Trek series.
5 days ago
Seth MacFarlane's live-action comedy “Ted” takes a turn to TV. ... helps 16-year-old John Bennett (Max Burkholder) come of age in Boston.
3 days ago
Seth became an artist at a young age when he realized his potential ... While working on animated shows, MacFarlane created a sitcom which...
2 months ago
Seyfried also reflected on being in the spotlight at such a young age. ... For Our Oceans' hosted by Seth MacFarlane benefitting Oceana at...
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On April 12, Gilbert Gottfried passed away at the age of 67, and the public has been honoring the man with all kinds of tributes and...
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