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18 hours ago · By what the WHO and CDC say I should have been in the hospital on oxygen. Don't fall for the scare tactics, live your life and enjoy it. 7 mos Report.
9 hours ago · So as the Media has already released the "Scare tactics" about Omicron variant, as to try once again to get more people vaccinated~~~~~only to find out that ...
22 hours ago · Allred said that Collins has been using scare tactics throughout her bid for Texas' 32nd Congressional District, which includes Dallas, Mesquite, ...
18 hours ago · First, this menace is going to torment the man for a little while with the usual scare tactics, which means that Holland gives us those scare tactics, ...
8 hours ago · On Monday, the result came back positive, and the virus specimen was subsequently analyzed and revealed to be the latest named coronavirus strain.
19 hours ago · The COVID-19 vaccines are effective at preventing infection and serious illness, the CDC says. In fact, studies show fully vaccinated people are eight times ...
Common questions
Is Omicron a threat?
The World Health Organization says the global risk from the Omicron variant of the coronavirus is “very high” based on early evidence, and it could lead to surges with “severe consequences”.
3 days ago
Can COVID-19 be spread through sexual intercourse?
○ Respiratory droplets, saliva, and fluids from your nose are known to spread COVID-19 and could be around during sexual contact. ○ While kissing or during sexual intercourse, you are in close contact with someone and can spread COVID-19 through droplets or saliva.
Feb 23, 2021
Why is the new virus called Omicron?
Why is it called Omicron? When the W.H.O. began to name emerging variants of the coronavirus, they turned to the Greek alphabet — Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and so on — to make them easier to describe.
21 hours ago
Is Omicron detected by PCR?
The WHO said one of the widely-used RT-PCR kits, developed by Thermo Fisher Scientific, can detect the presence of Omicron variant. Some of the kits being used in India can also potentially detect the variant.
2 days ago
For informational purposes only. Consult your local medical authority for health advice.
7 hours ago · And they'll also have to quarantine until their test results come back ... Let's use some data in making these decisions not hype and scare tactics.
4 hours ago · Tallying up every Senate vote statewide, Democrats beat their Republican opponents 52-48%, closely matching Murphy's margin.” THE TERMINATED: 'I'LL BE BACK' — “ ...
17 hours ago · The tradition of decorating U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree dates back to 1964. ... or they can engage in obstructive tactics that will make a government ...
12 hours ago · Got caught recently buying it back too high. Price of oil and all the factors that influence it ... 10th time I am watching the same scare tactics on CNBC.