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2 days ago Biden also said the U.S. would respond to any moves by 'Little Green Men', ... it has long relied on other less overt tactics to impose influence.
2 days ago “President Biden basically gave Putin a green light to invade Ukraine by yammering ... of military action, including cyberattacks and paramilitary tactics.
4 days ago But the rise of his power and what he did to scapegoat certain parts, ... going after and scapegoating people and blaming people and putting fear and taking...
1 day ago In January 2019, parts of the Midwest experienced a cold snap that plunged ... “For more than two years, the Trump Organization has used delay tactics and...
5 days ago The story had the elements of what the Post called “a seeming puff piece,” ... These conditions lead to misguided treatment and fear tuned these safety nets...
2 days ago Videos obtained by local media outlet Koroglu TV showed huge chunks of snow ... its allies may change tactics if a deal isn't reached in the coming weeks.
4 days ago And the rest of the piece weaves in and around these two issues: the supply chain and COVID. And, unlike most pundits, Klein doesn't blame the former on the...