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Alien Attack. Episode aired Mar 5, 2003.
This ghoulish hidden-camera show finds friends and family members setting up unsuspecting victims for pranks that use high-quality makeup and effects.
Scare Tactics combines pranks and frights in each horrifying hidden camera episode. The best episodes of Scare Tactics often feature ghostly encounters ...
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Nov 19, 2011 · A babysitter gets more than she bargains for when an alien comes to visit.About Scare Tactics ...Duration: 4:23
Posted: Nov 19, 2011
Nov 5, 2010 · Don't miss out on the shriek fest in the all-new Scare Tactics episode. A girl consults with a doctor about having surgery done after a ...
22min. Created by Scott Hallock, Kevin Healey. Scare Tactics Season show reviews & Metacritic score: An insurance investigation turns into a wild encounter ...
List of Scare Tactics episodes[edit]. Season One[edit]. 101: UFO Abduction, Firing Range, Buried Alive ...
Alien Babysitter. You are going to watch an episode of "Scare Tactics". It is a funny show. In this show, Uche's mother wants to scare Uche.Duration: 4:23
Posted: Sep 24, 2018
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Oct 13, 2011 · An insurance worker runs into more than dead livestock while inspecting a remote farm.Duration: 4:54
Posted: Oct 13, 2011