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Does RJ Mitte have a disability?
Mitte was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at age 3; after his diagnosis, doctors put his legs in casts for 6 months to straighten his feet. He used leg braces and crutches for most of his childhood until his body became strong enough to walk without them.
Who is RJ Mitte wife?
and his wife, Dyna, Mitte was a happy child who walked on his toes as a toddler. Doctors told his parents that if he did not walk normally by age 4, they would perform a heel operation.
Where is RJ Mitte today?
RJ Mitte. The celebrity ambassador for United Cerebral Palsy landed a recurring role on the Switched at Birth in 2014, shortly after the Breaking Bad finale. He has appeared in films including The Recall, Dixieland and Standing Up for Sunny. In 2019, he appeared in two episodes of HBO's Now Apocalypse.
Is RJ Mitte a model?
Yes, you read that correctly. RJ Mitte, the actor who played Walt Jr./Flynn, the meek son of drug kingpin Walter White on Breaking Bad, made his runway modeling debut at the Vivienne Westwood menswear show in Milan over the weekend.
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