Resident Evil

Resident Evil

Film series
Resident Evil is an action horror film series based on the Japanese video game franchise by Capcom. The German studio Constantin Film bought the rights to adapt the series in January 1997. In 2001, Screen Gems acquired distribution rights and... Wikipedia
Release dates: 2002–2016 (original series); 2021 (reboot)
Budget: $313 million
Adapted from: Resident Evil
Production companies: Constantin Film, Capcom, Screen Gems, and more
Rating (271,292)
Top cast ; Milla Jovovich · Alice ; Michelle Rodriguez · Rain ; Ryan McCluskey · Mr. Grey ; Oscar Pearce · Mr. Red ; Indra Ové · Ms. Black.
Cast (29) · Ryan McCluskey · Oscar Pearce · Indra Ové · Anna Bolt · Joseph May · Robert Tannion · Heike Makatsch · Jaymes Butler.
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Who is the girl in the new Resident Evil?
Ella Balinska as Jade Wesker As someone who got HBO Max just for Charlie's Angels, seeing British actress Ella Balinska attached to Resident Evil as Jade Wesker was a dream come true.
Which is the best Resident Evil movie?
Tense, imaginative, and beautifully shot in the desert, “Extinction” is the best of the “Resident Evil” film series.
Who is Jade in Resident Evil?
Jade is Albert's daughter. In the year 2036, she is one of the remaining survivors of a zombie apocalypse which has ravaged the entire planet. It's her mission to understand the behaviour of the shambling monsters in the hope that they could one day be controlled, tamed or even cured.
Jul 26, 2022
Who is the villain in Resident Evil 2022?
Though she comes from a very different standing in the story, Paola Núñez feels the same about her character, Evelyn, who's the villainous, pore-free face of the Umbrella Corporation's reckless greed in the 2022 timeline.
CastEdit ; Milla Jovovich as Alice ; Michelle Rodriguez as Rain Ocampo ; Eric Mabius as Matthew "Matt" Addison ; James Purefoy as Spence Parks ; Martin Crewes as ...
Production companies: Constantin Film; New Legacy Film;
Box office: $103 million
Starring: Milla Jovovich; Michelle Rodriguez; Eric Mabius; James Purefoy; Martin Crewes; Colin Salmon
Music by: Marco Beltrami; Marilyn Manson
Resident Evil (film series) · Milla Jovovich · Michelle Rodriguez · Ali Larter · Sienna Guillory · Oded Fehr · Iain Glen · Shawn Roberts · Wentworth Miller.
Release dates: 2002–2016 (original series); 2021 (reboot)
Budget: $313 million
Based on: Resident Evil; by Capcom
Box office: $1.280 billion
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The Cast ; Ella Balinska as Jade Wesker. Ella Balinska. Jade Wesker ; Tamara Smart as Young Jade. Tamara Smart. Young Jade ; Siena Agudong as Billie Wesker. Siena ...
Rating (50)
Cast & Crew ; Ella Balinska Jade Wesker ; Tamara Smart Young Jade Wesker ; Siena Agudong Young Billie Wesker ; Adeline Rudolph Billie Wesker ; Lance Reddick Albert ...
Rating (87)
It's a shame because the cast is great and the Jennifer Paige's 'Crush' needle drop is inspired. March 9, 2022 | Rating: 2.5/5 | Full Review… Critic profile ...