But such is the world we live in, where RJ Mitte (pronounced MITT-ee) represents an anomaly that underscores a glaring Hollywood flaw: Although nearly 20% of Americans from the ages of 5 to 64 have some kind of disability, less than 2% of the characters on TV display one, and only one-half of 1% actually have speaking ...
Mar 2, 2008
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Is RJ Mitte really have cerebral palsy?
Mitte opened the dialogue by discussing his life and how he got to his current role as an actor and activist for people with disabilities. “But, really, growing up to this position,” Mitte said. ... The actor has cerebral palsy, but he was not diagnosed at birth. It took years for his family to learn about his disability.
Does the actor from Breaking Bad have CP?
On the hit AMC television series Breaking Bad, RJ Mitte portrayed Walter "Flynn" White Jr., a young man with cerebral palsy (CP), the neurologic condition that Mitte was diagnosed with as a toddler. ... Unlike his on-screen character, Mitte has a milder form of CP, and does not use crutches or slur his speech.
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How do you say RJ Mitte? Listen to the audio pronunciation of RJ Mitte on pronouncekiwi.
How do you say R.J. Mitte? Listen to the audio pronunciation of R.J. Mitte on pronouncekiwi.
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Rj Mitte played Walt Jr, the familys son who has cerebral palsy. Mitte actually does have the disease in real life, but not as bad of a case as he portrays ...
Dec 4, 2021 · Despite living with cerebral palsy, RJ Mitte was never prepared to stand ... he doesn't walk on crutches and his stammer is less pronounced.