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Nov 10, 2021 · Meanwhile, Erik embraces his role as a full-time dad. ... ( "Flowaz" by Sara Lugo playing ). Lidia: Oh, sh1t. Yeah. My God. ... To eat one last taco.
6 hours ago · Season 1, Episode 4 ... Javi: Dad gave it to me so my ears wouldn't pop. ... Oh, God. Travis didn't kill himself. Misty: This is the last thing Travis wrote ...
Nov 7, 2021 · Oh. Oh, no, no, no, no. ( Crying ). Oh, my God! ( Sobbing ) ... I'm not the one that took it from you. Doesn't matter. Still got took. ... My dad's dying.
4 days ago · I love you, Dad. ... Man 1: You're like a pony, Hawkeye. ... I buy Imagine Dragons tickets for my girlfriend, as, like, early Christmas gift, right?
2 days ago · To be fair, it was just the one toenail. ( chuckles ). It's not just about Todd. You know, my daddy couldn't achieve his dreams because the world held him back.
4 days ago · My dad kissed some lady at the wake. ... Seriously, why has Chucky been trying to get one of us to kill somebody? ... Oh, I'm disappointed in you, Tiff.
6 days ago · Oh, my room's ready enough, Dad. ... Sir, Warden Jeffries is on line one. ... Lloyd, you start acting like a boss, and I'll f*cking treat you like one.
2 days ago · Part of my dissertation was about that. Yes, I know. That's why I'm coming to you. Oh. One of my panelists is Jameson... Royce ...
2 days ago · Well, I sling serious dick energy, and I don't even have one. You are so nas. ... Oh, God. Sorry. I shouldn't have mentioned Ian. Don't be crazy. It's fine.
2 days ago · Because I walk like I've got oil wells Pumping in my living room. ... Miss your daddy? ... Oh, man. Thank you. Here we go, and three, two, one.