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5 months ago Nicole Brydon Bloom … Sarah Giles Matthey Giles Matthey … Brian Taylor Nichols Taylor Nichols … Jerry Alan Blumenfeld Alan Blumenfeld … Sarah's Father
8 months ago Starring Nicole Brydon Bloom as Sarah, a young woman who leaves her old life and her estranged father (Alan Blumenfield) behind to start over in sunny Los...
8 months ago Sarah (Nicole Brydon Bloom) has recently moved out of her parents' home after an argument with her father. After looking for a new place in Los Angeles, Sarah...
8 months ago Starring Nicole Brydon Bloom, Taylor Nichols, Giles Matheny, Naomi Grossman, Clayton Hoff, Curtis Webster, Alan Blumenfeld Runtime: 90 Minutes Distributor:...
8 months ago When Sarah (Nicole Brydon Bloom) is applying for the apartment, the landlord, Jerry (Taylor Nichols), explicitly asks if she has any pets, to which she replies no.
8 months ago Though it seems stranger than fiction, the science behind operant conditioning is very real—and it works. 1BR Movie Sarah Nicole Brydon Bloom. Are...
8 months ago Chances are if you're a fan of all things horror movies, you've at least seen and read the synopsis for the film 1BR. The movie, which stars Nicole Brydon Bloom...
8 months ago 1BR (2019). Genre: Drama, Horror, Thriller Director: David Marmor Cast: Nicole Brydon Bloom, Giles Matthey, Taylor Nichols, Alan Blumenfeld
5 months ago ... out that there are consequences for breaking the rules. Starring: Nicole Brydon Bloom, Giles Matthey, Taylor Nichols Genre: Drama, Horror, Thriller (PG15)
1 month ago I recall watching one scene where the lead, Nicole Brydon Bloom, repeats a life mantra with Lisa, her friend from work. In this scene, Lisa, played by Celeste Sully,...