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24 hours ago · Astronomers have discovered a mysterious object emitting a radio wave beam that pulsed every 20 minutes. The team behind the discovery believe the object ...
1 day ago · Combing through data from an outback telescope, astronomers discover a mysterious object in our galaxy that's never been seen before.
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What is the universe saying today?
Miracles will happen in your life. Healing and restoration are being released. Your greatest days of productivity and prosperity are on the horizon.
What is happening to the universe today?
The Universe is expanding, which means that the distances between the largest cosmic structures are increasing with time. A second ago, the Universe was slightly smaller; a second from now, the Universe will be slightly larger.
Jul 26, 2019
What is the latest news about space?
Eta Carinae's epic supernova explosion comes to life in new visualization Data from three space telescopes help tell the story of the supernova. NASA planet-hunting mission finds 5,000 possible alien worlds in less than 4 years. NASA's Artemis 1 lunar mission finishes countdown test.
4 hours ago
What are the 4 types of astronomy?

We can divide astronomy into 4 sub-fields:

ASTROPHYSICS: Applying the laws of physics in space.
ASTROMETRY: Mapping celestial bodies.
ASTROGEOLOGY: Examining rocks, terrain and material in space.
ASTROBIOLOGY: Searching for life outside Earth.
17 Branches of Astronomy - Earth How › what-is-astronomy
1 day ago · This is your portal to the latest astronomy news, the celestial reports and observing tips that make you say, “wow!” Here you'll learn about the latest ...
2 days ago · News in astronomy and astrophysics from across the world provided by, an independent source for the latest news on science.
5 hours ago · Get the latest space exploration, innovation and astronomy news. celebrates humanity's ongoing expansion across the final frontier.
1 day ago · by International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research ... It was kind of spooky for an astronomer because there's nothing known in the sky that does that.
2 hours ago · Space and astronomy news. ... These have the ability to not only bring deep-sky astronomy to light-polluted urbanites, but to lower the bar for entry into ...
Jan 14, 2022 · Neptune-like planets are so rare here that astronomers refer to this orbital region ... Receive news, sky-event information, observing tips, and more from ...
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