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2 days ago Batman is undeniably one of the most beloved and revered pop culture figures of all time. Few comic book superheroes have found as great a success in film...
2 days ago Actor Nick Creegan has emerged as the first Black man in DC history to play the Joker and will feature in season three of Batwoman.
6 days ago A series of new images from the set of Warner Bros.' upcoming Batgirl film gives audiences a look at actor Michael Keaton's new Batman costume.
1 week ago Pat-man. R-Batz. Robert Battinson. Gotham has a brand new Caped Crusader. Here's what you need to know about The Batman movie.
1 week ago The Flash movie just got a bit more exciting, as one actor declared it will be his final outing as one of the bigger names in the film.
2 weeks ago Michael Keaton starred in Batman and Batman Returns for director Tim Burton, but he quit before Batman 3. He's agreed to reappear as the character in 2022's...
3 weeks ago When it was announced that Robert Pattinson had been chosen as the new BatmanOpinions were very divided between those who were willing to give him the...
3 weeks ago Who plays Catwoman in the new Batman? We know now that the hero aka Bruce Wayne is played by Robert Pattinson and he might have her as an ally.
3 weeks ago The Bat (Robert Pattinson) meets the Cat (Zoe Kravitz) in the latest trailer for The Batman. Ahead of a March 4 release only in theaters, Warner Bros.
3 weeks ago The new Batman trailer is out! Paul Dano, who plays Riddler in the upcoming 2022 movie, has got the audience talking. Fans had been waiting for the release...