Nov 18, 2020 · Give him the opportunity to say things are OK or he needs something to shift, and accept his answer.
Nov 18, 2020 · I think you're fine. Your boundaries and comfort level are what they are, and your roommate is respecting that. This seems functional. If you ...
Apr 29, 2015 · Time and time again. Looking back in the clear light of day, I know it wasn't just me being unreasonable; I lived with some real problem people.
Aug 2, 2017 · Make it safe for your roommate to complain. · Don't be excessive. · Don't expect people to change lifestyles, but be open to compromise. · Sit down ...
Mar 13, 2016 · First, make sure you're not sending off BFF vibes yourself. Like if you're coming home and telling your roommate a ton about your day just ...
Jan 14, 2015 · "When you've got a passive-aggressive roommate, you're dealing with someone who has honesty issues," says relationship expert April Masini ...
Chat on the phone or meet in person if you live fairly close to get a better feel for how outgoing your roommate is, what they find funny, and how they ...
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How do you live with toxic roommates?

How to Deal with a Toxic Roommate

Write up a roommate agreement.
Set clear boundaries for yourself.
Talk to your roommate about problems.
Suggest solutions for big issues.
Empathize with your roommate.
Call out manipulative behavior.
Praise their positive behavior.
Ignore negativity.
How do you respond to a passive aggressive roommate?
The main way to cope with a passive-aggressive roommate is by not indulging him or her to his or her satisfaction. This will also alleviate any unnecessary stress you've put upon yourself.
How do you deal with inconsiderate roommates?

How to Deal with a Roommate Who Is Inconsiderate

1 Talk to your roommate now instead of waiting.
2 Explain what the problem is without accusing them.
3 Listen to your roommate.
4 Come up with a solution together.
5 Establish some ground rules.
6 Make a cleaning schedule.
7 Talk about when visitors can come over.
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